A moving light
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A moving light| For a simple and quality life

This project is by the Han River in Shantou. The house owner is looking for a simple and comfortable lifestyle at home. The main elements should be classy grey, comfort and relaxation.

The project is a duplex apartment overlooking the old downtown of Shantou and the branch of the Han River at the 31st floor, top floor of the building. The apartment would vanish into the city’s building complexes like a person without any individualities if not interiorly designed with thoughts.

The days of urbanites rotate between agitation and repose. Therefore after their fast-paced modern urban life, home should be a quiet container where dwellers live in tranquility and enjoy some quality family time. We implant time onto a moving beam of light and create a simple lifestyle and space by knitting the light and direct people’s eyes to the tranquil views outside. In the meantime, interior space and urban environment are connected.

The general style and layout of the design is simple. A new staircase is built to connect the original public washroom of the 31st floor and the balcony of the 32nd floor, transforming the two different spaces into a connected whole. A sunlight room is built with transparent and clean French window above the staircase to introduce natural light into the living room, a connection between the living room and the stairwell. This design offers a unique personal experience because the 32nd floor is the room of the owner and some space for leisure.

The space is filled with simple shapes, emphasizing the relations among color blocks in the space. A number of cabinets are used, strengthening the details and practicality of the space that gives out an extremely simple style.

This project creates a quiet but diverse interior space by using modest materials, grey floor tiles, white ceilings and walls, partially grey wood surfaces and simple material relations. Sunlight and colorful paintings provide warmth, texture and rich sentiments.

The colors of the materials, mainly black, white and grey carry with them special charm. Leather and walnut wood of the furniture send out comfort and warmth.




Project name: A moving light |Chen Zhai
Chief Designer: Xie Peihe
Construction team: AD ARCHITECTURE
Project location: Shantou City, China
Project area: 240 ㎡
Main materials: Cement bricks, white latex paint, KD boards, ultra-white glass, metal
Design time: January 2018
Completion time: December 2018
Photographer: Ouyang Yun