Ink House
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Ink House

Home is a carrier of our lives and personality, recording the inner minds and feelings. Ink House is a residence of a calligrapher, implying the cultural complex of Chinese calligraphy and adhering to the spiritual realm of nourishing heart by art.

Designers create the space combined with human behavior model, paying special attention to the owner's living habits and hobbies. The overall layout has a calm and concise tone which is set by ink painting with proper depth of color; the necessary decoration of clear and simple lines matches light and rounded interior design, achieving "extremes meet" effect of hardness and softness. When implemented in the specific design of details, the ink atmosphere is created through items as art painting, light gray natural stone floor, ink-dot-like natural stone wall and customized ink carpet, adding an artistic and human feelings to the rational space form. All in all, the overall design is bold and hard, while the details are fine and soft, showing the pure state of mind.

The 40 square meters indoor balcony acts as a reception space. Oak furniture echoes with quiet Chinese ink landscape, giving the space an ancient ink temperament as well as a modern art atmosphere. The adoption of materials and the reconstruction of space reflect the owner's elegant and artistic life.

The living room, dining room and indoor garden space permeate and mingle, colored with gray and white. Several blank spaces are left just right, to create the space scale which fits the owner's daily life best .

Stairs are the highlight of design, where wooden boxes functioning as handrail connect space from top to bottom, breaking the conventions and increasing fun and experience of space.

Master room is a private space, which accommodates not only the basic rest function, but also a space for enjoying the sun and red wine, even for drawing and writing. Comfortable with a strong artistic atmosphere, it is a house to enjoy freedom, reflecting the philosophy of design for human use.

Ink House is a dwelling for self-cultivation, the design concept is derived from the philosophy of Chinese calligraphy, which seeks for the balance between virtual and real, hardness and softness, and leaves blanks, creating a living place integrated with the East artistic conception and the contemporary aesthetics.




Project name: Ink House| 1701
Chief designer: Xie Peihe
Building Area: 400 ㎡
Main materials: wood finishes, gray marble, white marble, wall cloth, matt white paint, diatom mud
Completion time: January 31, 2017
Photographer: Ouyang Yun