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XZONE Office

X is "unknown", it is static and dry, it is the same, it is not defined. The world seems calm, but it hides many unknown possibilities. It is both harmonious and contradictory. When we let freedom, return to the true self, and resist the courage of incitement, we can cross the boundaries of our hearts. Contradictions, forms, compositions, and extremes come together, just as we are, simple and complex.

Design concept Through filtering the scruples in the mind, crossing the boundary of reality and ideal, breaking inertial thinking and precipitating the power of the subconsciousness, AD ARCHITECTURE explored undiscovered "boundaries" in the XZONE Office. With the contrast of square and round elements, the ingenuous utilization of materials, colors and formations, as well as application of abstract concept, the designer created a space full of unknowns.

Diversified formations | Harmony in diversity A square box constitutes the main framework of the workspace. In the conversation area, the designer integrated semi-circle structures and a ball hung from the ceiling into the single spatial block, resulting in intersection of different boundaries. Not restricted to a certain rule, all the elements in the space can form various combinations. When these interesting and diversified elements collide with each other, the originally ordinary space becomes unique.

Contrasting textures | Feeling and inspiration Materials of different textures break the consistency in the space and endow it with various features. The steel structure of the ceiling was retained, which becomes a highlight of the spatial design. The coordinated combination of rough and delicate textures generates contrast in the space, and creates a free atmosphere in it.

Different colors | Restraint and agitation The designer adopted a restraint color scheme, with white and light gray as major hues, full of tension. Striking red and pink colors are dotted in the space, injecting vitality into it. In the conference area, the red sofa and pink panel form contrast with the spatial overtone set by white color. Different colors bring collisions of restraint and agitation, and at the same time facilitate emotional and idea exchanges in the space.

Unknown, independent of the "boundary", is the root of a illusory image, and illusory image prompts us to explore the unrestricted world. Today, when the willpower and attention are gradually weakened, and the sense of pleasure is constantly being sought after, we seem to be watching the center of the city with strange and scrutinizing eyes, often suffering from the "depression" that can kill the interest and dissolve the willingness to accept. ". This office space is like a playground in the city, open every day; freedom, blur, breakthrough, and extension are indicating the beginning of every "unknown" game.

Unknown is always inciting, without boundaries.




Project name: XZONE Office
Chief Designer: Xie Peihe
Construction team: AD ARCHITECTURE
Project location: Shantou City, Guangzhou Province
Project area: 280 m2
Main materials: floor paint, gray latex paint (NipponPaint), concrete slabs
Design time: May 2018
Completion time: July 2018
Photographer: Ouyang Yun